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Volunteer Minister

One of the discoveries I made in my life was something I found entirely helpful in all personal and professional endeavors, particularly as an artist, and that was Scientology. Through use of this technology, which applies to life as well as administration of any group endeavor, I have been able to expand. Additionally, I have found I now have the ability to help others with same.

Having done the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Course, I am trained in and can help others with 19 different areas:

The Technology of Study
The Dynamics of Existence
The Components of Understanding
The Emotional Tone Scale
Assists for Illnesses and Injuries
Answers to Drugs
How to Resolve Conflicts
Integrity and Honesty
Ethics and the Conditions
The Cause of Suppression
Solutions for a Dangerous Environment
Tools For the Workplace
Basics of Organizing
Targets and Goals
Fundamentals of Public Relations

I provide free help in any of these areas for people in their personal and business lives. Free courses on these subjects are also available online and you can study and gain an understanding of them for use in your life or business. I can be reached to help anyone by contacting me via email or phone me at (845) 219-1101.

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