The Truth

I guess the sum truth about Frank Sardella is found in my music.

Taking a look at my artist myspace page will be evidence enough. I always say that the best way to know someone is not by what they say, but by what they do. The greatest thing about music is that it doesn’t lie. Even though it seems about what you say, it really showcases what you do with it. You cannot mask a truth when it comes to music.

So, the truth about Frank Sardella is inherent in the content of the stories I tell with my music, true-to-life or fabricated out of whole cloth, and could be representative of my entire personality. I not only live this, but I specialize in bringing it out in others which is why I am also a publisher, ghost writer and coach.

If you want to know the real truth about Frank Sardella, It’s that I believe art, whether music, pictures, sculptures or what have you, is the key to making changes in the world. Putting people in an inspired state of mind gets them out of their own way and over themselves enough to focus them on worthwhile dreams and pursuits.