Looking out the window of a Southbound train facing North…

I’ve been experiencing a personal renaissance lately and it’s made me a bit more self-aware of what’s been blocking me.

I have had tremendous gains over these past few years, but lately, travel through life feels a bit like sitting facing backward on a train.

Watching where I’ve been fade into the distance, ignoring the distant future which lies ahead, unaware of what it looks like or where it will end up, I have been focused on what has already been.

Some people face forward and some to the rear. I now find, within myself, at long last, the desire to look ahead.

Aft is aft and is no longer, and should nostalgia beg for its attention, timeless pictures yet remain, and hold within them an occasional warmth found within a momentary glimpse.

Satisfaction, I find, is in a journey forward, not a look back. For, whether pain or pleasure in my wake, fixation on what has been, as it passes, only brings unfulfillment and longing for that which will never be again.

Real passion, I have found, is not found in that which was or is, but within that which is yet possible. It is that future of infinite eventualities, where possibilities abound and where desires and passions reach their highest peaks of fulfillment.

And, though many will attest that it’s the journey or climb, they yet neglect the only reason a journey may provide any happiness at all: a desirable destination pursued.

And so I look forward and move onward, seeking destinations that excite and motivate me and give me joy in the advancement toward them.

As long as I look forward, cherish where I have been and focus on the destination, the ride will continue to be a pleasure cruise.

And from here, FORWARD…

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