To Those Who Would Thwart an Artist’s Efforts… and YOU KNOW Who You Are

You know who you are. You would like nothing more than for an artist, a performer, a creator of things to be pigeon-holed into a job he hates, to “have something to fall back on” and to believe his art and creations have little or no value, all in the name of “being concerned” and “being a friend”. You are no friend. You are an enemy.

You so-called “guidance counselors”, you “concerned friends”, even you teachers, and you all know who you are, are threatened by what you see in these creative sources. You are by no means “All teachers”, “all counselors” and “all friends”; not even close. No, you are not by any means a majority, rather, a minority who can somehow cause a majority of havoc with your “advice” and “constructive criticism” which is “for our own good” even getting the good one’s to believe and forward your absurdities. You may have achieved the “idea” that you are the majority opinion – yet we now know otherwise. The majority in these fields want to support and help while you scheme to thwart all you can.

I not only reject you and your ideas, I expose you to everyone else in helping as many artists as I can realize the value in their abilities, skills and creations and that they can be relied on as a sole source of survival, prosperity, wealth and income. Your twisted ideas about why this can’t be done can no longer be tolerated. It ends here.

If you really would like your friends who are artists to sincerely make it, encourage them to do so, spare them the caution and give them the benefit of the doubt that they can carry through, you are among the majority. If you can sincerely do this, this open letter is not directed at you.

This is my resolve and my commitment, to make sure my fellow artists and creative souls get to follow their passion as their life’s work to the betterment of all, which is the best blow I can deliver to those of you who oppose.

Again, you know who you are. Now may the rest of us recognize you too and debunk your plans to stop us. And I will continue to put you out of the business of stopping all of us by helping as many as I can reach for their dreams.


Enough said.