Strength or Cowardice?

by Frank Sardella

I’d often failed to speak my mind
but not that words were hard to find
much more a cowardice in me
to set things as they ought to be

I hadn’t stopped to count the cost
until I counted what I’d lost
not in funds or currency
but paid with my integrity

Regrets I’ve none except at times
I bear witness to senseless crimes
misguided needs to feel “at home”
decide leave well enough alone

Hello, pressure coming through
which I might have placed on you
fearing you might have your say
and so I look the other way

One thing to know just who you are,
another to neglect the scar
left by times I wasn’t me
and sacrificed identity

So I define integrity
as knowing rights or wrongs I see
and having will to speak my mind
with courage I can always find

Listen as I tell you this
it’s this that makes up cowardice
to never speak up when it’s right
and keeping yourself out of sight

Choice to be myself or you?
I’ll be myself and look at you
And, if I like the things I see
I will always let them be.

I’ll speak up if things go awry
and separate the truth from lies
Strength to stand and hold my ground
cowardice be nowhere found