Screening Experts

Screening Experts

How in the world did you end up in chiropractic? Or, so asks most everyone I tell that I have a marketing coaching company for chiropractors. I suppose it’s a valid question as the fields seem unrelated.

There is a perfectly good explanation, and it is twofold. The overall purpose however, can be summed up in one word: Reciprocity. A concept I teach in my coaching, this is the guiding principle that drives me in wanting to help this profession. For it was a chiropractor who literally saved my life back in my late twenties. In fact, I didn’t think I would have lived to see age thirty. My chiropractor changed all that.

It was then I realized that, here was a profession that was in dire need of public relations, not really for any other reason than people don’t know about it.

Sure, people “knew” about it – but only what they had heard which was information relegating them to mere “back doctors” when there was so much more to the process of this treatment. I gained the purpose of getting people to know about the powers of the nervous system in the body which, when interfered with, can cause all kinds of breakdown and disease, maladies which, by correcting the blockage to the nerve function, could vanish just as plainly and simply as they occurred in the first place.

The second reason was simple: in creating health – real health – I saw in chiropractors something I always saw in myself, namely, being an artist. An artist uses communication to convey ideas that inspire people and thus improve them. Chiropractors do this everyday in practice.

Over the ensuing years I gradually learned the ropes of the profession and how to promote it and developed my own marketing system which I teach in my online coaching company, Screening Experts Chiropractic Marketing.