Here Is an Entire Stadium With no Selfies, No Phones, No Social Media But Rather, a Total Enthusiasm for and Interest In the Performance!

(Cell Phones, Social Media and Selfies Oh My!)

The Real Social Distancing Has Been Happening for More Than a Decade – Luckily, a New Renaissance Is Upon Us

My goal in music? It has always been to bring out the spirit of people locking in to the transcending rhythms and melodies of music, lifting them out of their current lives and circumstances into something which makes them truly happy and the best version of themselves…

Look at the spirit of this performance from Linda but more so the reaction of the audience, to her, to her performance, to the song itself, and feel the energy. Also, note the synergy that exists as the crowd takes on its own life force as if it is its own entity. People are always talking about “Mass Hysteria” (which is totally real – look it up) but they seldom consider “mass exhilaration”

Mark my words, we will bring back the crowd, the music and the purely spiritual essence of the arts once again in a new renaissance AND, this isn’t just because of isolation and quarantine. The real isolation and quarantine started with the advent of the personal device, connected to the internet, the social media platform and the focus on self and effects on others as opposed to the synergistic joy of being part of something like you see here in this performance and audience.

A renaissance of INVOLVEMENT (in addition to music itself) is upon us…

I attended a concert in 2019 at the Bowery Ballroom and was probably the only one watching and enjoying the performance of the musicians on stage. Everyone else was watching how it was coming through on their phones as they shot video to share with everyone else. And there has been the real pandemic that started earlier than 2010, more than a decade ago.

Watch this video and feel the group emotion of this audience, whether you like this music or not. Look at the smile on Linda’s face just at the end of her performance, on the last lines of the song before she leaves the stage. That’s not her drinking in fame or stardom, but her satisfaction of creating what is clearly experienceable from the crowd, even watching this video 40-some-odd years after the fact.

THAT energy is what this world needs now more than ever.

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