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Professional Organizing


Let me dispel a myth regarding neatness: Anyone who is neat, organized or has a desire to organize for others, is not ‘freak” or a compulsive maniac. Orderliness is of virtue and it is the bedrock of efficiency in any area. And, that is a natural desire in anyone. So, neatness is not a compulsion.

On the flipside, clutter collection or being someone who accumulates does not, either, constitute a disorder, though it is symptomatic of something. The word “hoarder” has been assigned to those who have buried themselves in possessions. Labelling it as a disease, however, does nothing to change it, nor does it explain the phenomenon. As a matter of fact, all labelling someone with the name “hoarder” seems to do is to make the target person want to be more right about doing so and entrench them in their determination to do so. If you don’t believe it, try labelling someone this way and see what they do. None of us like to be labelled.

So as neatness is not a behavioral problem, neither is “not-neatness”. One, however, is the remedy of the other.

Where does clutter come from?

“I define “clutter” as an accumulation of things stored or used in random fashion especially in relation to other items and activities and comes from lack of organized systems in place whereby everything has a place to “live”, is useful and doesn’t hinder use of other things in its vicinity.” – Frank Sardella

It is not a static thing. You don’t organize and leave everything there. After all, we live life and therefore need to use and move things about. Having organization allows the process of living to happen in an orderly and efficient, even enjoyable fashion.

A lot different of a look, eh? So if you’re neat, you’re not OCD. If you’re disorganized, you’re not a hoarder. Stop forwarding that idea, particularly about yourself. And, most of all, reject the label if given to you by another and correct them on it too.

I am available to any person or business who needs to get organized systems into place or who needs to get out from under backlogged clutter, work, communication, anything you can think of that’s disorderly. I am the one to bring the order you desire. Call me (845) 219-1101.

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