Coaching & Writing

One of the things I have come to know in my travels and many professional pursuits and attainment of goals is that, in any profession, achievement of skill carries with it a responsibility, not only to use that skill to the betterment of all, but to lead others to follow suit, setting a good example along the way, but also teaching and coaching others to follow.

The highest level of education in our society is the “doctor”, the word itself carrying a derivative meaning “teacher”. It is implied in the very word that someone educated would lead others to educational advance.

I therefore teach and coach in several fields, offering help personally and professionally to virtually everyone from chiropractors to small business owners, providing help and education in advances I have made and education I have received. I am a percussion teacher, a marketing coach, a volunteer minister and business consultant. My goal is to help people achieve their highest aspirations and, in raising their standards, reaching beyond the stars of their wildest dreams into higher levels than they thought possible.