The BeatSmarts System

Learn Perfect Rhythm in 10 Self-Study Lessons
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The BeatSmarts system evolved out of 30+ years or so of learning, reading, teaching and performing experience.

I sat down and figured out what it was that made me successful, how I was able to play “in the pocket” and whether or not inherent talent and ability had anything to do with any of it. I also wanted to prove something I always knew: that rhythm could be taught to ANYONE and that its’ not something “you have to be born with”. IT can be learned.

The BeatSmarts system is a series of 40 exercises that build one on the next to gradually teach a person to essentially “feel” rhythm and groove and be able to play like a pro.

Though it is taught using percussion, it can apply to ANY instrument. It is a unique combination of accent (emphasis or stress on certain beats) and syncopation (a stress of a normally “weak” beat) used in a clever way. Basically, it is the way I learned and understood rhythm on my own and it immediately puts a student into the realm of ability from page one.