A Second Lesson From the Return of the Artist Departed

In a series of actions I have been doing over the last several weeks, I had written an article which started by explaining an exercise I have undertaken to better understand and stimulate growth of my business. That has been quite a wild ride over the past several weeks and many discoveries have been made about, not things I am doing now, but mistakes I have made in the past putting me on a path to the future which is now. What a growth opportunity this has been as, it seems, I have been navigating back to the intersections where wrong turns were taken and have been getting set on course for the destination I always wanted.

The major gain I made in this process was two-fold. First I realized that going off my path as an artist did not put me on a path toward prosperity. On the contrary, it put me farther away from the ideal in terms of money, in terms of growth and in terms of prosperity. Realizing my true purpose as an artist and that real wealth is fueled by passion is something that has reverted the situation and enabled me to launch explosive growth in present day. That alone was not enough, however, and there was a second part to it discovered.

There was a part about being responsible. Yeah, yeah, yeah…responsibility, right? That’s what I thought. But this is no ordinary responsibility. But a close examination made me realize that, in having given up on my passion, I sort of gave up on everything else, including caring about which end was up in terms of financial stability, wealth and even just mere survival. When I stopped being responsible for my future, my REAL future, I stopped being responsible. Period.

Six weeks prior, I had discovered that I could rekindle my purpose to be a working artist and, in having realized the fact, was able to do something about it and have been building a career ever since. The second part needed to be confronted, though, and I have now come to some new conclusions and have made a few decisions, not the least of which is as follows:

I have joined the group of the financially independent who produce and exchange products in abundance and are responsible for their own survival, including that of the family and even friends, clients, associates, etc. I have the capacity to create whatever I want and need by delivering quality in everything I do and receiving ample and desirable exchange for it. This enables me to assume a higher responsibility of financial independence, free from the needs to rely on others such as banks, credit cards and other such fun and games.

With my new-found outlook, the possibilities are endless.