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A Mistake I Recently Corrected In Myself As an Artist

I am working on an exercise right now that is helping me bring my businesses into the forefront of their industries and there has been a bit of self-examination as a part of this. This process recently brought me a few realizations about some choices I have made along the way and I wanted to sort of make them known publically.

After years of deliberation, in 1988, I decided that I was an artist to the core and that I had a purpose in life to pursue a career in the field. I went for it and, after hitting my first obstacle, I backed off and fell into “a back-up plan”, one with which I have been very unhappy. The following 20 years were sort of a roller coaster ride, all the while dancing around the edges of my true passion – yet never going for it.

Without getting into to much detail, now having realized this simplicity, I have simply decided the following:

I am a self-determined artist who follows his passion and finds ways to and does exchange his artistic products with others to their betterment. This is my career and my livelihood, and it is also my source of happiness and prosperity. I never compromise with this reality and never engage in any activities that don’t make me truly happy!

Now that I know this, I simply wanted everyone else to know too.

[I am also setting up a free artists help center, giving advice and counsel to ANYONE who wishes to follow his or her passion]

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